Introducing the easiest way to play tennis in the Boston area.

Tired of sending tons of emails and texts just to get a match? We've been there — it's exhausting.

To set up a match simply pick the court and date you want to play on — then post your proposal for players in your division to instantly see

With one click, another player in your division can accept your proposal and the match is on!

See all your upcoming matches on one screen and easily add them to your calendar.

Awesome notification interface to remind you of upcoming matches and keep you updated without spamming your inbox.

Wicked Tennis follows a ladder ranking format designed to make things fun and encourage you to play more. The more you play, the higher up you go, especially if you win games. Read more about our format here.

Wicked Tennis was born in Boston and is run locally by other players. Each season ends with playoffs for top ranked players and the finals are played on clay courts with free swag for all finalists.

Play for free with our unlimited referral program! You will get a free season for every friend that signs up and plays at least one match on Wicked Tennis. There are no limits ― if you refer 10 friends, you get 10 free seasons!

Also, every new player gets a free season upon sign up — so there is no risk in getting started.

Spring season starts March 15, 2024!

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Playing tennis in Boston just got easier.