League Format

Wicked tennis follows a ladder format and is primarily a fun league designed to help you play as much competitive tennis as you want. Generally, the more you play the higher ranked you’ll be, especially if you win. You will also earn more points when beating higher ranked players, giving you an edge in catching up to them. 

You can play as many matches as you want, with any opponent, anywhere you want. If we see that your matches aren't competitive, we might move you to a more suitable skill level. 

If you develop a negative reputation for any reason, you may start receiving fewer proposals. This can result from consistently poor on-court behavior or placing yourself in a season that is entirely mismatched with your skill level which won't be fun for other players.

If you want to play even more tennis, you can also sign up for other seasons and skills levels (Ex. Summer 4.0 & Summer 4.5) if you feel matches are competitive and fun in both, but you can only participate in one playoff event at a time.

Proposal System

The proposal feature will allow you set up matches in a few clicks while avoiding excessive communication. This will be by far the easiest way to set up matches. Most of the time, you'll login and have 10+ matches to chose from with one click. If none of these work, propose your own! You will notice that the match proposal screen defaults to your favorite town and court, but you can change it to anything you want. 

If you accept a proposal, you must show up at that time and location without needing confirmation. Likewise, if you put out a proposal and it is accepted, you must show up for the match or it is a forfeit. If you change your mind about playing a match, make sure you delete that proposal (so no one accepts it), and if it has been accepted, make sure to inform your opponent.  

  • A quick check-in text with your opponent prior to the match is always recommended.
  • Be aware that players can choose whom they share proposals with. If you develop a negative reputation for any reason, you may start receiving fewer proposals. This can result from consistently poor on-court behavior or placing yourself in a season that is entirely mismatched with your skill level. 


The top 8 players in your division will automatically be seeded for playoffs after the last day of the season. Players will then have 3 days to decline their slot in case that they cannot play all of their playoffs matches. Declining your slot will automatically bring another player in to fill your slot and this cannot be reversed. After the 3 playoff seeding days are over, the brackets will be live and you may start scheduling your matches. It is up to the players to determine time and place for playoff matches, except the final, which is locally hosted. 

Playoff Final

We are based out of Boston and are excited to announce that the finals will be hosted in a local court by the league admins where finalists all get free swag and balls for the match. 

Court Availability

Wicked Tennis is not a court reservation service, and players are responsible for finding available courts to play on. As a beginner, determining court availability may be initially challenging, but with over 400 courts in Boston, finding one with predictable immediate access is very likely and will get easier once you get the hang of it. Courts tend to be busiest as you get closer to downtown, after work hours, and on weekends (Duh!). Try playing mornings or during the day on weekdays, or driving a bit to neighboring, less dense towns in the area. When proposing a court that requires fees (e.g., indoor clubs), inform players using the proposal's note section, particularly during winter. Utilize our court mapping feature to identify additional courts in your town. Many Boston-area courts can be reserved through the town websites or on www.playlocal.com.

The vast majority of public courts do not require reservations and are on a first come, first serve basis.


Another way to set up matches is to directly challenge players from the standings page. However this will require that you text or email your opponent to set up a time and place for you match. Just another option to play more tennis. 


You will play the best 2 out of 3 sets. However, if both of you mutually agree before the match, a 10-point tiebreak (i.e., first to 10 points by 2) can be played in lieu of the 3rd set. When entering a 3rd set match tiebreak score, enter it as 1-0, NOT the actual point score in the tiebreaker. 


Both players bring new balls to the match. One can is opened, and the loser takes home the used balls while the winner takes home the unopened can.

Rescheduling a Match

You can reschedule a match as long as your opponent agrees. When rescheduling, the challenger is still considered the challenger until the match is played. Any match interrupted by rain, darkness, or being bumped off the court should be played from the point of interruption as soon as you can. Make sure to write down where you left off so there are no disputes.


We play best out of 3 sets. If both players agree, a super tie-breaker to 10 points can be played in lieu of a third set. Just enter a 1 for the player who won the tie breaker under ‘Set 3’. You can also play a pro-set where only one set is played to 10 games (Can be either first one to 10, or win by 2 games). A 10-6 for example can be entered in ‘Set 1’ to represent that match score. 

If players run out of time to finish the match, you can enter a partial score. If each player both won a set and can't play the third, the player with the most number of games won wins the match. If they are perfectly tied, the player who won the first set wins the match. In either case, enter a 1 for the winner in ‘Set 3’


It is a forfeit if you are more than 15 minutes late for your match with no prior communication with your opponent. The player given the forfeit receives no points for the match. The “FF” box on the score input screen is checked in this case. We understand that there are emergencies, and cancellations will occur. Please give your opponent ample time (1-2 days) if possible to get another match—everyone’s time is valuable. If you need to cancel your match, please reschedule it right away. And when canceling, please text or call your opponent instead of sending an email—some players do not check email that often. With any last minute cancellation (the day of the scheduled match), your opponent has the right to accept a forfeit (please offer it). If you are a “no show”, you will automatically give your opponent a forfeit.


If you get injured during a match and cannot complete the match, your opponent will complete the partial score and mark you as “Retired”

Withdrawing from Season

If you get injured or otherwise cannot play during the season without playing any matches, you will receive a one-time credit for another season of your choosing.

Warming Up

Take your time in warming up. It’ll help avoid injury! Normally, players will hit for about 10 minutes until both agree to practice serving. Then each player usually does 12 practice serves. 

Email addresses

Email addresses are for league purposes only, no personal non-ladder purposes are allowed.


This is a fun league. Please be reasonable and courteous with your opponents as you set up and play your matches. 

We realize that things happen. We are counting on you to properly communicate with your opponents in the events of re-scheduling a match, changing times or courts, illness or if you’re running late. 

For balls the land close to the line, please don’t call them out against your opponent unless you’re 100% sure. Also remember that we all make mistakes. 

We reserve the right to remove any player who is ruining the experience for others in their divisions by exhibiting offensive or disruptive behavior. ​

Rules and Regulations

All USTA rules during matches apply, but this is a fun league and we depend on players to keep it that way, so please use your best judgement throughout matches. 

This is an adult league.  You must be at least 18 years of age to play.

​Wicked Tennis reserves the right to refuse membership or rescind existing membership for disruptive behavior or for any other reason.